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Make your sales more efficient

Save a considerable amount of time to manage its business and close more sales.

Pipedrive, intuitive CRM

The features of Pipedrive software are developed around an activity-based sales process. We are convinced that in sales, it is impossible to control the results, but on the other hand you can control the actions that bring you closer to success.

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A simple interface that gives the best results with minimum input.

Pipedrive’s visual sales pipeline pushes you to act, stay organized and maintain control over a complex sales process.

  • Enter, update and find all the data on one page.
  • Introduce new offers and contacts on the desktop or mobile version.
  • Swipe and submit offers between the different stages of the sale.
  • Connect your email and other tools – create a unique data location.

No more wasting time on administration

Your emails, calls and progress are tracked automatically. Pipedrive leads the way, you just have to focus on what you do best.

One tool, one process

When Pipedrive is launched, you’ll always come across a simplified view of your sales process. This makes things clear and your entire team is in sync.

Know what to work on

The display makes you focus on your pipeline : you see where you are and what you have to do.

Track sales progress

With the pipeline as a starting point, Pipedrive helps you stay the course and makes your goals realistic and not idealistic.

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